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YellowACS   created a new thread New Mod for 1.7.10 in the General Discussion forum
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YellowACS   What does that mean Exactly?
[Donor] ChrisTheGrapeYT   Well, the website requires money to stay up, so crad has paid for 360 days for the website.
cradixusTheGrimServer is now 100% 1.10.2. Enjoy!!! --Crad
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YellowACS   Yes! :d Thank you. :)
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YellowACS   Really? That is weird. I am not sure what to do. Maybe someone in the staff can help. sorry. Although is that what is specifically says?
YellowACS   Do you have the right IP?
[Donor] JoustingLion   Yeah. That means that you have to be on 1.9 to get on the server. You must be on a different version. Make sure to tell me if I helped :)
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cradixusSorry for the server being offline this weekend. All should be well again!!
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[Donor] JoustingLion   Nice :)
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After many long months of waiting (mainly for the Werewolf plugin to finally update), we were finally able to convert /grim (the original GrimServer) to pure 1.7.  The map has not changed and this has nothing to do with the /new server, but what it means is you can now start using 1.7 blocks!

In other related news, because the Werewolf developer is finally back to updating the plugin, Werewolf bugs have been fixed!  The invisible werewolf thing is gone as well is fall damage during pouncing.

ENJOY!  :-)   --Crad
monsterbrendan hey man the server won't allow me in for no reason, i mean i put the ID in right ps i miss the server
crazycole135 Please its been forever anyways!
crazycole135 Please let me back on I didn't hack!

New Spawn

TheGoldenLynx a posted Feb 16, 14
Hey guys, as most of you know the construction of new spawn has panned out quite far. The two main reasons for this: one, I am lazy; two it's a very big project and I am the only one working on it. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I plan to bring this project to a close, although keep in mind just because the new spawn building itself is finished does not mean we can just transfer. There are several other things we must set up in order to make the new server official. 

But anyways, it should be completed over the next few weeks depending on what time I have. (And how lazy I am) But you must understand that it's taking this long because I want to put as much detail into it as I can. 
Comic Sans for no reason :P

Thanks for your patience

damian_2010 Flying out is sort of impossible bc about 4 ppl have donor status so Wafle is right Spawn lookin great tho, you can eas...
wafle__monkey So we can't realy fly out to look, 20j
wafle__monkey Post of us dont have foreverdonor...

Vip Group/ Donor rank

mcmattx16 posted Jan 11, 14

"Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new group for VIPs.  
cradixus a Note: Letters have now gone out to DiamondDonors who purchased their 1-month subscription a while ago letting them know...
Many of you still haven't change your server IP to "" which means you'll be missing out when the "big change" happens!  Please make sure you click ONCE on your MC entry for TheGrimServer, then click "Edit" and change the "Server Address" to:

Now... about the "new map"....
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